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1 x 160 Watt Lie Down Sunbed

2 x 200 Watt Stand Up Sunbeds

3 minutes = £1.50
45 minutes = £20.00
60 minutes = £25.00
90 minutes = £37.00
120 minutes = £50.00
150 minutes = £60.00

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The following clients SHOULD NOT use sunbeds:

  • Pregnant women - they are more susceptible to heat, stress and fainting.
  • Children under the age of 16.
  • People with large numbers of moles on their bodies (over 20).
  • People with fair skin and freckles.
  • People with natural red or fair/white hair.
  • People who have had radiation treatment.
  • People who tan with difficulty or burn easily in the sun.
  • People who suffer from heart or circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, back problems, giddiness/fainting, cold sores, migraine, eye infections, kidney/urinary problems, allergies, herpes/HIV, lupus, acne, dermatological problems, diabetes or from any other condition which may result in sensitivity to UVR, light or heat.
  • People who are taking medication. You must consult your doctor on these issues before using a sunbed

  1. Skin Type 1 Very sensitive. People with very fair skin and often with red hair and freckles who cannot tan and burn in sunlight.
    Recommend: do not tan on a sunbed or outdoors and use full SPF protection.
  2. Skin Type 2 Sensitive. People with fairish skin who tan but easily burn in the early stages and need to be patient.
    Recommend: be very careful with exposure time
  3. Skin Type 3 Normally sensitive. People with brownish white skin who tan fairly easily but can burn if overexposed.
    Recommend: Respect the fact that burning can still take place especially without a base tan.
  4. Skin Type 4 Very resistant. People with dark skin who tan easily and hardly ever burn, but even so need to be careful that they don’t go through prolonged exposure.
    Recommend: Never allow more than the full recommended session time.